We just returned from the NCBA Convention and Trade Show in Phoenix, AZ. If you have never attended, put this on your bucket list. My first trip to this event was an eye opening experience. I will never forget the awesome amount of information at this affair. This event has more cattlemen and cattlewomen attending than any other I know. Some 7,000 to 8,000 people attend annually and the trade show is one of the largest of its kind..CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
The American Shorthorn Association is a member of International Genetic Solutions (IGS), a cooperative of breed associations across the United States and Canada that work together to provide the largest multi-breed genetic evaluation in the world. With over 17 million animals in the IGS database, the old adage of “strength in numbers” helps ASA and the other IGS partners have a stronger genetic evaluation than any one breed could have alone. The multi-breed model gives producers stronger EPDs that help them and their customers make more confident selection and breeding decisions.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
The 2018 Shorthorn Herdsman of the Year was awarded to Ron Rutan of RC Show Cattle in Eaton, Ohio. His long history of being involved in the Shorthorn breed began with his parents and grandparents raising Shorthorns. Rutan started RC Show Cattle with Christy Campbell in 1991 and from there he stayed actively involved with Shorthorns.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....


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