Each July the Heard Book issue of the Shorthorn Country is very special. It is used as a reference by most breeders throughout the year. The great news this year is the number of advertisers has increased over last year. Breed activity continues to grow.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
As I was thinking about what to write for this article, my mind could not help but go back to my beginning with this organization. We had just moved to our new home in the country and our daughter had joined the 4-H program. After a very brief stint in trying to show sheep, our daughter, through the advice of our Ag-Ed teacher, embarked on showing a Shorthorn steer. Little did I know how far and where that decision would take our family. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
Most months, I have a topic in mind and bring some educational merit to
this column. This time, I decided to put on my philosopher hat and attempt to generate some thought. My goal is not to change anyone’s mind or current management practices, but rather to shine some light on other perspectives different than what you might already be doing in your herd.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....

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