It is time to take advantage of the “Opportunities we have with Shorthorns”. Our breed has some attributes that set them apart from other beef cattle and the new and changing markets are presenting themselves to fit this breed extremely well.CRE.....LICK HERE TO READ MO
Just as we did last year, Matt Woolfolk and I took part in the breed forum put on by GeneSeek in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is an annual meeting where breed representatives from all over the nation come together and network, as well as discuss/learn about GeneSeek’s system. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
To be honest with you, I had a hard time coming up with something to write about for this issue. I found myself staring at my office wall, running out of time to get this article finished. Ironically, staring at that wall was exactly the spark I needed.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....

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