As the year draws to a close I want to bring to your attention some activities that affect Shorthorn breeders and membership. First, it is time to renew your membership for 2018. This can be paid in December or you can wait till after the first of the year. Please remember after March 1, 2018 your membership becomes delinquent; so take care of this before March. If you use the online registry after January 1, just login; the membership will automatically renew and show the balance due for membership. Remember, you must be a member in order to register animals.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
John, Eddie, and Lawrence Grathwohl were life-long Shorthorn breeders. Eddie and Lawrence’s father, John, always had cattle, but it was Eddie, who really grew and developed the Shorthorn side of their operation. In 1959, at 12 years old, he bought his first registered Shorthorn as a 4-H project from Don and Pat Stout. Eventually this 4-H project grew, and he started Deer Trail Ranch in 1978, located in Powhattan, Kan. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....
By the time this issue hits your mail box, we will have wrapped up a very successful ASA Annual Meeting and will be full steam ahead into the Christmas season and the upcoming New Year. There’s plenty to be done around the farm or ranch this time of year, and that doesn’t even begin to cover all the extra tasks and events that come with Christmas. I’m sure you will feel like there is no time to breathe during the month of December!CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....


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